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1957 Jaguar XK140

Body Convertible
Mileage 66094mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 6 Cylinders
Year 1957
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Red

Vehicle Overview

This remarkable 1957 Jaguar XK140 stands out significantly from the conventional XK140 OTS, thanks to several high-performance upgrades. It features the esteemed C-Type cylinder head, which is renowned for enhancing engine efficiency and power. Additionally, the car is equipped with robust 2-inch sand-cast H8 carburetors that improve fuel intake and engine response, heavier torsion bars for improved handling and stability, and twin exhaust pipes that not only enhance the vehicle’s performance but also its auditory appeal. The chrome detailing is in good, presentable condition, adding to the car’s overall aesthetic charm. This vehicle comes fully complete, including its original side curtains, a wire wheel spare, a durable canvas soft top, and a collection of miscellaneous extra parts that ensure its upkeep and restoration potential.


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